Columbine Ranch has gone GREY!  

Our focus...Gorgeous & Affordable Greys!

Grow your own alpaca fiber! 


Alpacas make great 4-H projects, hobby farm animals and can help you gain and maintain agricultural status when you start a breeding operation or just sell their fiber and the amazing products you can make from their luxurious fiber.  They are easy to care for, gentle on the land and watching them pronk at dusk makes every day so much better.

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like to see our growing grey herd or book a breeding to Painted Sky's Incendiary.    Incendiary's first cria was a lovely rose grey female.  His 2020 cria are two rose grey males, a silver grey female and a fawn male with white markings.  His first 2021 cria is a beautiful brown female with grey markings...we'll see at shearing if she is rose grey.

Be sure to visit our sales page for alpacas we are offering for sale, including our herd price for all 13!

Lease Incendiary for 2021.  You cover transport, insuring him and managing his breeding schedule. 

As always, our customer's satisfaction and the health of our animals are our priorities.


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