We bought our first alpacas in 2001 and had a very successful breeding and fiber business.  Kim was very active volunteering in the industry with alpaca shows for many years as assistant event manager, vendor coordinator, barn manager, co-superintendent fleece show and most recently the alpaca halter show at National Western Stock Show.  We enjoy educating the public at shows and events. 


Looking to downsize, we sold most of our herd in 2013, keeping a few fiber males to maintain agricultural status on the ranch.  Kim thought it would be fun to raise 4-H lambs but that didn't agree with our ranch set up or our LGD, Ayla.  She wanted nothing to do with ewes that didn't respect her so the sheep moved on to greener pastures and Kim picked up 3 grey females.  Our focus will be on those coveted greys.

If you are looking to expand your herd, grey or other colors, we can help you find what you are looking for as Kim occasionally will broker for other farms and knows of many alpacas for sale not currently being advertised.  If you need help with your initial set up, Mike is an experienced contractor and can advise you in barn design and materials and fencing. 

For new breeders, we offer agisting, mentoring, help with births, help locating supplies, veterinary services, hay, guardian dogs and lots of experience.  Contact us for our guide for new alpaca owners.

We welcome visitors!  Bring your camera but please leave your dogs home.  Our dogs do not welcome 4 legged friends.